Eight reasons why photography is important in marketing

The world is changing every day, and technology is improving by the day. Long was the time where there were no social media to market your products. But with the rise of social media marketing, the power of visual communications has reached its peak.

Marketers should never underestimate the power of visual communication (photography) when marketing. The big question is why? In this article, I would discuss reasons why photography is important in marketing.

  1. It grabs attention. There are so many marketers trying to get customers attention online, so you have to do anything it takes to get the attention of your targeted audience. People will take a second look at your content if the visual elements are attractive.
  1. It increases engagement. It is easier to consume visual elements than text. When a content includes a photograph, it gets more engagement than content without a picture.

  1. It boosts sales. It is a fact that people are drawn by what they see. When your product or service is in high quality, you get more chance of selling it fast. Visual contents help customers imagine themselves using a service or product and propel them to buy the product or service.
  1. It creates a positive perception. It is in human nature to judge based on what they see. If your product photograph is low-quality, it is possible for your customers to think poorly of your product. But if your product image is high quality, customers would be propelled to buy, and it would also build trust between you and your customers.
  1. It adds viral options. Visual content can go viral if a client likes it very much and shares it where their social networks and online communities. This not only makes your visual content go viral, but it also helps to build corporate integrity, customer loyalty, and brand credibility.
  1. It speeds up processing. It is a fact that the human brain can only process a limited amount of information at given time. A compelling photograph can be processed faster than content.
  1. It influences emotion. Until you can create an emotional connection between your customers and your products/services, you haven’t done your marketing well. Emotions affect consumers buying decisions. Adding captivating, compelling photographs would drive the audiences’ emotional response about your brand.
  1. It enhances understanding. Adding pictures that explain a brand’s message helps the customers understand your brand better.